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January 12, 2019





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Introducing the 70th Narcissus Queen Contestants. Pageant is on January 12, 2019 at the Historic Hawaii Theatre. Please contact the Chinese Chamber for Pageant information.
We are conducting a “Social Media” competition. Please “LIKE” the photo of your favorite contestant or “SHARE” the photo. Contestants will receive points for each “LIKE” or “SHARE”. “Shares” will be assigned a higher ranking. The contestant with the most points will be awarded the Social Media Award. Only Likes and Shares recorded on this page will be counted. Any Likes or Shares on other pages will NOT be counted. The gathering of Likes & Shares will conclude sometime before the pageant.
Please support your favorite contestant.

A $5.00 theatre restoration fee and $4.50 ticketing fee are applied to all ticket purchases. In addition, other fees may apply for in person or ticket purchases that are shipped.  The least expensive way to purchase tickets is online.  

Children under 4 years of age not permitted.