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September 4 & , 2017


$12, $17 (Price(s) will increase $5 on Event Day)


Please note: There will be two (2) Events*:
•1st Event: 11:00am – 5:30pm
•2nd Event: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
*A separate ticket/ticket purchase is required for each Event.

Experience the exciting and vibrant culture of Tahiti as the best solo and group dancers from the Hawaiian Islands and abroad come together at the Hawaii Theatre Center to compete for championship titles. Watch the award-winning dance troupe, Tahiti Mana, do an exhibition performance. Shop from Tahitian Crafters and Artisans. Immerse yourself for the day in the culture of Hawaii’s Polynesian cousins. Become educated, inspired and awed by the dancers, costumes, musicians and artisans. The festivities end with a performance by one of Tahiti’s most renowned troupes, Tamariki Poerani!

Event Itinerary:

1st Event:

10:00am: Doors Open

11:00am: Solo Dance Competition

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Break

2:00pm: Group Competition

3:00pm: Solo Finals

4:00pm: Tahiti Mana Exhibition

5:00pm: Awards

5:30pm: End of 1st Event

***For re-entry to 2nd Event, a separate ticket(s) must be purchased.*** 

2nd Event:

6:3opm: Winners Dance-Off

7:00pm: Overall Awards

7:30pm: Performance by Tamariki Poerani

9:00pm: End of 2nd Event

A $3.00 Theatre Restoration Fee & Internet Fees apply to all ticket prices/purchases.

All ages permitted with a ticket.