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March 14, 2015


$22, $32



Kumu Hula Mapuana de Silva and the multi-Merrie Monarch award-winning dancers of Halau Mohala ‘Ilima will string a lei of shared memories and beloved flowers – all recounted in hula that will delight the senses – at the 35th annual Holomua Ka No’eau.

The audience can count on a glimpse of what is to come as the Merrie Monarch dancers prepare for their upcoming journey to the stage of the Hilo festival. Young dancers, adult women and the 3-time Kamehameha Hula Competition winning male dancers will join the Merrie Monarch ladies, dancing to the music of Na Hoa.

Halau Mohala ‘Ilima, founded in 1976, is dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian culture through hula, specializing in traditionally learned and transmitted chants and dances from the legacy of dances of the 18th and 19th century, celebrating the land and people, and modern hula with a spirit that carries forward the older traditions of hula. Kumu Mapuana de Silva graduated as kumu hula from Maiki Aiu Lake and continued her studies with Lani Kalama, Sally Wood Naluai and Pat Namaka Bacon.  A Halau Mohala  ‘Ilima concert offers a total experience of the joy of hula, balanced with discipline and commitment to excellence.