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November 2, 2018





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In a ballroom called Paradise, in the aftermath of World War II, a proud Hawaiian singer dances with a returned American soldier and debates the dignity of the American dream.

Mahea sings atop a makeshift bandstand, full of masked contempt for the audience of G.I.’s below. Later, when the lights have come on and the crowd has cleared out, Mahea sits alone on the stage lost in thoughts about a simpler time, until a lone soldier returns holding unused dance tickets. A taut tete-e-tete follows on the ballroom floor as Mahea accepts the Soldier’s invitation to dance only to indict the American way of life he serves. With every step, Mahea puts colonialism on trial, defending the honor of her people against fetish and exoticization.  As they move around the room, Mahea’s Hawaiian values come into conflict with her own prejudices, as this soldier has no designs on living past tonight. This last taxi dance is either a strange cry for help or a final happy moment in an otherwise forgotten life. For when Mahea learns that if the soldier’s final dance ticket runs out, this man will be dead.

Red Carpet movie premiere of this locally produced Hawaii short film, screening of behind the scenes “making of” film, and a VIP after glow party.  Come and join us in this event where proceeds will benefit the Historic Hawaii Theatre Center!

Children under 4 years of age not permitted.