Hawaii Theatre Center presents



April 25 & 26 & , 2014


$2.00 - $7.00


$3.00 off the Adult ticket price for the following: HTC Members, Seniors, Students with ID, and Military with ID. Children aged 0-3 years are FREE!

Diving into the ongoing Shakespeare authorship question, our HTYAE production will run with the assumption that Edward DeVere, the 17th Earl of Oxford was the author of this play, not Will Shakespeare from Stratford-on-Avon.  Members of HTC’s Young Actors Ensemble will present the play as DeVere’s carefully coded apology to Queen Elizabeth following a lovers’ quarrel in which he crossed a dangerous line. Given Elizabeth’s temper, DeVere stands to lose lands, title and most likely his head. The earl has quickly penned this romantic comedy, and with his band of players–Oxford’s Men–now hopes to soothe his queen’s badly-ruffled feathers. DeVere himself will portray the verbose romantic, Benedict. Queen Elizabeth will be present for the performances–grandly seated on a throne in the Hawaii Theatre VIP box. She will hold a little silver bell, which she will ring should anything in the play displease.  Spoiler alert–the bell will ring, and when it does, DeVere and his players will have to think very quickly to put things right and be allowed to carry on. Do DeVere and his company prevail and mollify their sovereign in the end?  Here’s a hint: in this production, it’s Queen Elizabeth who names the play.

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