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March 9 & 10 & , 2013


$2.00 - $7.00


$3.00 off the Adult ticket price for the following: HTC Members, Seniors, Students with ID, and Military with ID. Children aged 0-3 years are FREE!

“The play is set in a circus ring, which offers opportunities for fun and slapstick, as well as spectacle. The narrator acts as ringmaster, bringing to life the story of the grotesque, satisfyingly unpleasant couple, Mr. and Mrs. Twit, who enjoy playing nasty tricks on each other. Mr. Twit decides to train monkeys to perform upside down. He goes to the African rainforest and captures a family of monkeys—the Mugglewumps—and incarcerates them in a cage. The birds, which roost nightly on the big dead tree, having escaped being caught by the Twits for a bird pie, help the monkeys escape by tricking the Twits into believing that the world has turned upside down. The audience helps, too!” David Wood’s adaptation is “a marvelous mix of singing, dancing, theatre, slapstick and audience participation.”

The Twits Audio Teaser