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HTC PV Project page


This page has been set up blindly in the Theatre’s www.hawaiitheatre.com website to allow you access to pertinent documents regarding the Photo-Voltaic (PV) Project being proffered by HTC Board director, Karl Stahlkopf.

This page can be accessed directly at http://www.hawaiitheatre.com/htc-pv-project-page/

You may download/print any of the following PDF documents.

Please respect the confidential and proprietary natures of the PV Project Proposal and overview information.


Burton White
Artsistic Director & General Manager

HTC PV Project Finance Ad Hoc Committee Contact List
HTC PV Project Presentation (K. Stahlkopf) 1-23-13
HTC PV Project Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Agenda (B. White) 2-28-13
HTC PV Project Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Report (B. White et. al.) 3-2-13
HTC PV Project Power Purchase Agreement 3-4-13
HTC PV Project Lease 3-4-13

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