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Welcome to the Historic Hawaii Theatre

Proclaimed as the “Pride of the Pacific,” the beautiful Hawaii Theatre has been entertaining Hawaii’s audiences for more than 90 years. From vaudevilles and plays to silent films, musicals, ballets and concerts, the theatre’s popularity has grown and continues to charm eager showgoers and curious audiences alike. We invite you to take a step back in time and experience the best of both worlds in today’s beautifully restored multi-purpose arts center.


Fandango 1

Hawaii Theatre Center presents


September 27, 2015

The most exciting new group on Chicago’s musical scene, FANDANGO! is a toe-tappingly spicy mix of Latin, Spanish, Sephardic, Balkan, and classical sounds founded by four multi-award-winning, globe-trotting virtuosi—Eugenia Moliner, flute; Desirée Ruhstrat, violin; Denis Azabagic, guitar and David Cunliffe, cello— who hail from Spain, the USA, former Yugoslavia, and the UK, and have played, separately and together, in the world’s most prestigious concert halls and festivals.


HCA, TAA and TCCH present


October 13, 2015

Ming Hwa Yuan, one of the most famous and organized Taiwanese opera troupes and praised as the “Broadway of the East,” will present two plays: “Lovebirds Spears” and “General of the Empire.” With its unique and avant-garde performing style by mixing traditional heritage and modern technique, Ming Hwa Yuan will offer an evening of folklore, poem-lyrics, theater, dancing, music, acrobatics, and fine art that have delighted audiences worldwide.

Rough RIders 85x11

Hawaii Theatre Center presents


October 23, 2015

Hawaii Music icons and award winning artists, Henry Kapono, John Cruz and Brother Noland – the Rough Riders – wrap up their 2015 “We Ride” Tour at Hawaii Theatre, bringing to the stage the well-honed craft and power of 3 inspiring songwriters, 3 distinctive voices and the perfect blending of guitars. From their vast catalog of original hits to some of Hawaii's treasured classics to their new sound and provocative collaborations, the "Rough Riders" offer an intoxicating experience of music and legacy.

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